Public speaking is a passion of mine. I often joke on stage that I get to pull out my soapbox and jump on it get other people fired up about the issues which drive me. It's an amazing experience: to be in a room of people and be able to fear your passion infecting them. In those moments, it feels so possible that societal change can happen.

Topics I address:

  • eating disorder myths

  • general education about eating disorders

  • counseling strategies with eating disorder

  • how culture and society are manifesting and perpetuating eating disorders

  • how parents can make a difference for their children

Past speaking engagements:

  • Strategies and Tools in Eating Disorder Treatment: A Panel Discussion at the American Counseling Association 2015 Conference in Orlando, FL

  • Anxiety and Eating Disorders: A Presentation for Camas School District Counselors in Camas, WA

  • Helping Parents Identify Eating Disorders and Body Image Obsessions in Adolescents in Camas, WA