Self-image is defined as the idea one has about one's abilities, appearance, and personality. It looks so simple and pretty and easy in black and white on a page, but self-image is made up of thoughts, emotions, experiences, upbringing, social influences, ad so many other things. Defining one's self-image can be messy, and a negative self-images can become problematic, even destructive.

When you think of yourself, what do you see?

Body image and self-image are often the last to be healed after an eating disorder. Most of the women I see immediately point out the injustice in that they first have to show their body love and compassion and healing, before they are able to see it and appreciate it. The irony isn't lost on me either.

Self-image is influenced by many factors and in counseling I will explore all the facets that have impacted how you view yourself. There isn't a easy fix in repairing negative self-image, but through exploration, understanding, compassion, and practice you will learn to respect, accept, and love your body.

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