Grief is most often associated with the loss of a person, but it is actually a reaction to any type of loss. Everyone grieves differently. Some people are able to grieve and then resume their normal lives, while others find it difficult to find any relief from the grief. Just as grief will look different for everyone, so will the process for how you and I will work together. Some people do not need to attend counseling for their grief, but others may experience persistent grief, which is impacting their every day life and overall values. You can learn more about grief here.

Are you overcome by intense sadness? Maybe you are preoccupied with the loss or circumstances surrounding it? Are you intensely angry or bitter? Maybe you are having trouble connecting to the happy memories or avoiding a reminder of the deceased?

When you come to see me, we will spend time building a safe, trusting environment. You will feel accepted and comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings without the worry of being judged. I will help you to understand the grief process, and I will work to understand your beliefs around loss. Together we will explore ways to help you manage your symptoms more effectively, and we'll develop new tools to deal with the internal, private events (thoughts, feelings, and memories) which cause you pain. When the time is right, we will examine your values to discover what it is that you view as most important, and then we will look for ways that will allow you to start living in accordance with those values. Sometimes in counseling, people have found ways to honor the deceased through this process.

What can you do?

Please click the link below to contact me. I want to help you. I want to provide for you a safe space to process your grief and I want to support you through this time.