Depression & Bipolar Disorder

Do you feel down most of the time? Do you have trouble doing activities you used to find enjoyable?

Maybe you find yourself experiencing more anger and irritability than in the past, or having less energy, unable to sleep or sleeping all the time. 

Perhaps you experience episodes of extreme highs and feeling like you can conquer anything only to then find yourself in a deep, overwhelming depression.

Everyone feels sad once in awhile. The idea that if you aren’t happy all the time, then you’re doing something wrong, just sets you up for disappointment. Life has ups and downs and can be very stressful, but if these thoughts or feelings are what you experience most of the time, then you may have a depressive disorder. Bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme highs (called manic or hypomanic episodes) and extreme lows, although most people experience more lows than highs and it only takes one manic or hypomanic episode in your past to meet the criteria for bipolar disorder.

Depression and bipolar disorders are common conditions and very treatable. Did you know that at any time, 3 – 5% of people have a major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder affects about 2.6% of the population? Both major depressive disorder and bipolar disorders have a bad wrap and aren't talked about very often, which can leave people feeling ashamed and isolated. 

You are a unique individual, and because of that, there is not one type of therapy that will work for every person. At Get Centered Counseling you will receive individualized care. I will work closely with you to help you understand the your diagnosis and together we will look at the ways you have tried to deal with your issues in the past, and we will uncover the useful tools you have already learned, while helping you to build new and more effective strategies.

What can you do?

Please click the link below to contact me and start the process toward healing. Bipolar disorder and depression are manageable with the help of counseling, self-management strategies, support, and for some people, medication. I would like to help you on your journey to living your ideal life.