What is my dieting/eating disorder history?

Exploring your eating disorder/dieting history can give you a better insight into where you are in your journey and what you may still need to do.

Exploring your eating disorder/dieting history can give you a better insight into where you are in your journey and what you may still need to do.

The first time I clearly remember manipulating my food was in the 8th grade. I would restrict (not eat) all day at school. Sometimes I would drink milk if I really needed it. Then I would go home and stand in my pantry and binge on everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

I imagine this wasn't actually my first time manipulating food because one doesn't typically start with such drastic behaviors without first touching their toe in the water of dieting. I had been getting the message in one way or another for many years by then that my body wasn't right. I hated how tall I was, how curvy I was, how early I'd developed. Pick something on my body and I hated it. There was a truth that rang in my head over and over, my personal mantra: if I was thinner then I would be okay. I now understand that what okay meant was loved/worthy/valued. I now understand where my value and worth come from. I now know I am worthy of love just by being me. I wish I'd known these things then.

In high school my weight fluctuated drastically due to my heavy restricting/binging pattern. It was my freshman year in college that all hell broke loose. Something in me clicked and suddenly all I did was restrict. After my senior year in high school I never had a diagnosable binge again, but when I could eat and feel after control after I started resorting to purging (getting rid of the food through vomiting, laxatives, or exercise).

At first everyone was so proud of me, of how good I looked, of how much weight I had lost. They had no idea how much they fueled my eating disorder. There was this guy in my life who only ever dated models and one day I asked him if he liked my new shirt. He said, "I like your new body!" Oh boy, my eating disorder loved that. If he thought I looked good then I must look good. Only, my eating disorder never thought I looked good enough. I still wasn't "okay".  

Eventually everyone started getting worried and then at some point they got scared. I'm not going to go into specifics about what I ate, how much I weighed, or how I maintained restricting for so long. These things don't matter and may either be triggering or it could give your eating disorder some pointers. I have no desire to do either. What you need to know is that it was 3-4 years before I went to treatment. I almost died. I hated myself. I was never thin enough.

Recovery took me many years and many relapses. I've been in recovery for over a decade and a half but it is only recently (since 2013) that I learned about Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size (HAES) and found what I consider a full recovery. 

I no longer count calories or categorize foods as good or bad, I eat when I want and I stop when I want and I don't experience shame around food. Food has become something that I typically enjoy, as opposed to tolerate. 

Every once in a while I think to myself, "I shouldn't have that because,,," or "Maybe instead I should choose something 'healthier'". Luckily, I am mindful enough to recognize these thoughts when I have them and I take a minute to check in with myself:

  • What do I really want?
  • What is going on that I feel like I "shouldn't" have it?
  • What is the best decision for me going forward?

My present day food rule is to not let the food rule. 

So that's it, in a very tiny nutshell, that's my dieting/eating disorder history. 

Does my story sound familiar to you? Are you caught up in a cycle of diet cycling, restricting, binging or purging? Are you ready to experience real freedom from, and enjoyment of, food? 

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This writing assignment is a 3 part assignment related to a course I am taking about Promoting Body Trust in Clinical Practice through Be Nourished in Portland, OR. Part 2 (The body I live in) and 3 (Finding joyful movement) will be coming soon.