Big changes for Get Centered Counseling

Change can be scary, but it is also full of possibilities.

The new Get Centered Counseling office located in Suite 100-D of the H.H. Hall Building in Vancouver, WA

The new Get Centered Counseling office located in Suite 100-D of the H.H. Hall Building in Vancouver, WA

Some people embrace change, welcoming it with open arms. I’m going to be honest, that’s not exactly me. So when the opportunity came for Get Centered Counseling to relocate a few miles north, I was quite scared. The current office staff had treated me really well, and when I have something good, I’m often loathe to change it, but…

Then I saw the office building and executive suites of the beautiful H.H. Hall Building I was instantly excited for myself, the business, my current clients and the ones I haven’t met yet. 

The entire building is very professional and the Get Centered Counseling office is on the 1st floor (I am definitely ready to not have to climb those three floors of wonky stairs at the old building). The office is warm and inviting, which is exactly what I want for Get Centered Counseling.

So, change for me is scary, but once I decided to sign a lease and take the office, peace came over me and fear gave way to excitement. Now, two days away from seeing clients at the new office, I am downright excited!!

If you are a female 12 or over in the Vancouver, WA area, and you have been looking for an inviting and safe place to move beyond the issues holding you back, so that you can find the real you, please contact me here. Hope to see you soon in the beautiful new office!

For the address and directions to the new office, click here.


Tamara Werner

Tamara Werner is a counselor, author, speaker, and activist. Her private practice, Get Centered Counseling in Vancouver WA, helps women with food and body issues learn to love themselves, their body, their life, and their relationships. Her life’s work is steeped in personal experience, having fifteen years in recovery for anorexia, in addition to being a breast cancer survivor. An up and coming force in the counseling community, Tamara has been published in a textbook called Treatment Strategies for Substance and Process Addictions, and has sat on a panel at the American Counseling Association Conference, where she spoke to her peers on strategies and tools to use with clients struggling with eating disorders. Having a deep, personal understanding of what it takes to recover from this condition, she seeks to be an example to those she treats, to let them know that recovery is possible.